Judicial Council failed to elaborate on decision to dismiss its former head Dameva, rules Administrative Court


The Judicial Council has failed to elaborate on any reasons underpinning the decision to dismiss its former president Vesna Dameva, failed to state the evidence based on which the factual situation has been established, particularly the facts that point to the adoption of the decision to dismiss her, reads the Administrative Court’s ruling.

In the verdict that refers to the annulment of the decision to dismiss Dameva, which the Administrative Court announced anonymously on Wednesday, it is said that assessing the legality of the contested decision, the Court found that it was illegal due to a violation of the rules of the procedure, i.e. due to the fact that the contested the decision, as the court states, “contains such essential flaws that prevent the evaluation of the legality of the act.”

The former president of the Judicial Council was dismissed last spring, when her deputy, Selim Ademi, requested a vote for her dismissal. This dismissal damaged the credibility of the Judicial Council, to which there were several reactions in the public, and an evaluation mission was sent from the European Union, which prepared 40 recommendations for the improvement of the functioning of the Court.

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