SDSM: The facts are devastating for DPMNE, in all segments they have a weaker result than SDSM


According to the figures and facts, during VMRO-DPMNE’s rule, the citizens had historically the lowest wages, pensions and investments. Compared to SDSM, they have overwhelming results in every possible segment, the ruling SDSM claims in a press release on Wednesday.

The social democrats’ party press release states that “during SDSM’s rule, wages and pensions continued to grow and in difficult conditions we provided historically the strongest economic support for citizens of over 2.6 billion euros”, as well as that the average monthly net salary paid per employee had increased to MKD 39,000 under the SDSM government.

“The average salary today is 630 euros. During DPMNE’s rule, it amounted to about EUR 360, or MKD 22,460. In the past 6 years, SDSM increased the minimum wage by 4 times from 9,000 to MKD 20,000. Which means that in just a few years and compared to DPMNE, the minimum wage has increased by more than 100,” said SDSM.

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