Kovachki: Spasovski signed a contract for renting printers worth EUR 900,000 right before the elections


While we are waiting for an answer from Pendarovski and Kovachevski about the scandal in the Ministry of Defense with the balancer that SlavjankaPetrovska was the patron of, look how the Minister of Interior, at the end of his term, on an already set date for elections, concludes a 3 (three) year contract for the rental of printers,VMRO-DPMNE MP DraganKovachki revealed on Thursday.

“Almost 900,000 euros for renting printers!

For that money, the minister could buy 3000 printers. (!)

Practically, there would be one printer for every 3 employees and they would be owned by the Ministry of Interior.

In this way, almost a million euros will go down the drain, because the company takes those printers back after use.

A really responsible move, no doubt. Or is that a commission in question?” asked MP Kovachki, while sharing the contract with the public.

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