Gjorche Petrov Municipality to host the Christmas procession


The Skopje municipality of Gjorche Petrov will once again host the children who will take part in the Christmas procession and bring great joy before the Orthodox Christian holiday of Christmas, the birth of the Son of God – Jesus Christ.
The children will announce the celebration of the great day in Christianity with cheerful carol songs, and the municipality will present the carolers with Christmas packages of candy, as is the tradition.
The participants from the municipality of Gjorche Petrov will gather in front of the “Peter and Paul” Church at 09:30 a.m., from where they will walk to the Municipality of Gjorche Petrov, after which they will continue to the town square with organized bus transportation and join the rest of the participants from other municipalities. After finishing the central event in the square, the children from Gjorche Petrov will be returned to the municipality with the same organized transportation.

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