Air traffic controllers announce strike and closing airspace unless Government dismisses M-NAV directors


The Trade Union of Air Traffic Controllers announced a strike by closing the airspace from January 10, unless in the meantime the three directors of the national air navigation service provider M-NAV resign or are dismissed by the Government as announced after Thursday’s attack on M-NAV employees.
The unionized air traffic controllers have decided on the strike action at a meeting late Thursday. The union’s leader Aleksandar Tasevski said Friday that according to latest information from his colleagues, activities at M-NAV are afoot, but they expect the competent institutions to do their job.
“Following coordination activities and appeals, security measures have been provided. Early in the morning, colleagues confirmed that activities are proceeding as they should. The revolt and the stress is high and we expect the state institutions to do their job, raise awareness with the directors not to complicate the situation further,” Tasevski told the reporters.

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