Police found 99 women with illegal residence in hospitality facilities in Tetovo and Ohrid


On January 4 and 5 of 2024, the National Unit for Suppression of Migrant Smuggling and Trafficking at the Department of Criminal Affairs, in cooperation with OSPO, in coordination with the public prosecutor from the PPO, after receiving search orders from the Skopje Basic Criminal Court, searches were carried out in three catering facilities, two of which in the area of the Tetovo Ministry of Interior and one in the area of Ohrid, the Ministry of Interior informed on Friday.
During the conducted police and investigative actions, a total of 99 women with origins in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Albania, Kosovo, Colombia, Serbia, Argentina, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan and the Republic of North Macedonia were found in the three catering establishments, who were staying contrary to the purpose. and one bag with powdery substance and one Gamo caliber 4.5 mm handgun were found.

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