Boeing pilot Bikovskistunned by the M-NAV scandal – he considers the intrusion into air traffic control to be a pure act of terrorism



People who work in air traffic control, even if they have misunderstandings with each other, they must not show them while they are at work, because they work in a sterile environment that is recorded both audio and visually, pilot instructor, examiner and Boeing 737 captain VenkoBikovski toldTelma TV.

“No one from the outside was allowed to attend the place where the controllers were doing their work,” said the pilot and added that it would be like a bunch of bacteria and viruses entering an operating room while surgery is being performed on a patient.

At the time when M-NAV was attacked, there were 28 flights in the sky under their control.

“It is a pure act of terrorism, where outsiders enter where they don’t belong and disrupt the work. If you don’t issue the right command at the right time while you are responsible for the lives of hundreds of people, an accident can happen. In aviation, there is a term called “sterile cockpit rule”, meaning a sterile cockpit or sterile room. These regulations specifically prohibit crew member performance of non-essential duties or activities while the aircraft is involved in takeoff, landing, and all other flight operations, so we don’t discuss private matters, but we are focused only on what we are doing,” added Bikovski.

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