Breaking into Air Traffic Control is not breaking into a store, says Tasevski, it’s tantamount to terrorism


In normal countries, such an act would probably be considered terrorism, says the head of the Air Traffic Controllers’ Union AleksandarTasevski in a conversation with the Voice of America (VOA) and claims that the management is degrading the professionalism of the service.

Air traffic control is an institution that is of a state security nature, said Tasevski.

“It is not just that we are responsible for the safety of commercial aircraft such as passenger planes. We are a service that controls, that is, helps in the air traffic of the aircraft belonging to the Ministry of Interior and the military,” elaboratedTasevski.

Regarding the break-in that took place there on Thursday by a group that included people who are not employed by the service, Tasevski says that it can be equated to an act of terrorism, because their facility is subject to special security criteria.

“It’s not like breaking into a store, so whoever wants to can walk around. In normal countries, such an act would probably be treated as a terrorist attack,”Tasevski pointed out.

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