Kovachevski: May Christmas light up everyone’s homes with hope and joy


Macedonian Prime Minister DimitarKovachevski has sent a telegram with Christmas wishes on behalf of himself and the Government to the head of the Macedonian Orthodox Church the Archbishop of Ohrid and Macedonia HB Stefan, to the Holy Synod, the clergy, and to all citizens celebrating Christmas.

“The birth of Christ, Christmas, every new year, symbolizes a new beginning and opens up new opportunities for us to do new good deeds, being more experienced, wiser and with pure thoughts, bringing goodness to all,” PM Kovachevski wrote.

“Only through standing in solidarity, keeping our faith and taking bold steps forward, as Christ’s work has shown us, can we achieve the peace we want and ensure prosperity. Let divine light shine in everyone’s heart. Let it encourage love, respect, care and understanding that every person is given these universal values, through which they can, should and have the personal responsibility to take part in creating a prosperous world for current and future generations,” PM Kovachevski added.

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