BekimNeziri physically assaulted an air traffic controller back in 2010


Party influences are at work, the party leaderships in the Ministry of Interior, the Public Prosecutor’s Office and the Court are obstructing the entire criminal event in a meaningful way. The party blockade of the institutions leads to anarchy, crime and destabilization of the state, the Democratic Union (DS)political party assesses and strongly condemns the Government’s attempts to relativize responsibility for the intrusion into the control tower of the Petrovec Airport.

“Let’s recall an identical case in 2010, when BekimNeziri, a senior official in the DUI party, and an employee of M-NAV, physically assaulted an air traffic controller, then they kicked him and his wife out of work, after which he escaped in one of the Scandinavian countries,” said the DS.

Thus, the Democratic Union believes that the Government had to dismiss the directors of M-NAV, that BekimNeziri should be suspended from his position at the M-NAV, and that the court should order detention for all eight of them.

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