Government in a hurry to add another hundred of its own prosecutors and judges, says opposition


The scandal with the M-NAV once again showed that those who undeservedly became prosecutors and judges are the ones who destroy trust in the judiciary, says VMRO-DPMNE MPAntonioMiloshoski on Monday.

“On January 22nd, the main qualification test for 130 trainees in the Academy of Judges and Public Prosecutors (ASJO) will be taken. But in order for those on the DUI and SDSM lists to pass with maximum points, the government decided that the qualification test should be taken in writing, instead of electronically. This is contrary to Article 39 of the Law on ASJO, where it is expressly stated that the qualification test is taken electronically, with the aim of preventing anyone from the ASJO Board of Directors from giving the answers to the questions of the government’s favorites for judges and prosecutors.

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