APIS: If our warnings about the Gambling Law are not accepted, a series of mass protests will follow


A statement to the media by Goran Stoimenov, representative of the Association of Organizers of Games of Chance – APIS

“We are yet again in front of the Parliament with several hundred employees of the slot machine clubs and betting shops, who together with us, in accordance with Article 122 paragraph 2 of the Rules of Procedure, request to attend the session of the Commission for European Affairs, where the unconstitutional and scandalous amendments to the Law on Gaming will be reviewed.

Unlike 20 days ago, today we are blocking the thoroughfare as a final warning to the MPs that they must not continue to ignore us.

If they do not accept our reasoned warnings and indications, a series of mass protests and other democratic forms of expressing dissatisfaction will follow. Simply, one extreme automatically creates another extreme!” reads the press release.



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