Next March marks 10 years since the beginning of the Kichevo-Ohrid highway construction, nothing has ever been built slower, says Ivanovski


It has never been worse in the field of infrastructure in Macedonia. So little has been built, and what has been built was never of lower quality. Construction has never been slower, says Sinisha Ivanovski, head of the VMRO-DPMNE Commission for Infrastructure, Urbanism and Transport.

“Next March marks 10 years since the beginning of the construction of the highway from Kichevo to Ohrid. Macedonia with this government led by SDS and DUI, with the 10-year agony in not building this highway, apart from contributing to the stagnation of tourism and the economy, this highway has become the target of ridicule in the entire region. It has never been built this unplanned. No previous government has ever taken 7 years to build 2 km of highway. And, in seven years, this Government did not even manage to build the 2 kilometers of highway from Skopje to Blace.

In fact, this Government did not build a single kilometer of highway in two whole mandates. It has never been worse because until now it has never happened by any previous government to keep a highway closed for a year even though the construction on it has been completed. I am talking about the Demir Kapija highway towards Smokvica. We can’t remember a government with such a large number of annexes to agreements to increase the value of capital projects as well as annexes to extend construction deadlines, which is comical, they set themselves the deadlines they break, they break them themselves,” Ivanoski added.

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