Kovachevski does not know if the new director of M-NAV is Ahmeti’s nephew, but he says that a good decision has been made


Macedonian Prime Minister Dimitar Kovachevski says that he does not know if the new director of M-NAV, Hekuran Asani, is Ali Ahmeti’s nephew. Answering a journalist’s question, he indicated that he only knew the person’s professional biography.

“I don’t know whose nephew he is, he’s been an air traffic controller for 25 years,” Kovachevski said.

Asked how they managed to change two government decisions in a few hours, propose one person, determine that he does not meet the conditions and make a new conclusion with another person – the prime minister replied that he did not see anything controversial.

“I saw a lot of information that went to the media. There were several candidates that were proposed and considered by the Government. And based on that two candidates were singled out. However, it was seen that according to the Statute it must be an air traffic controller. Out of all his candidates, the candidate who is selected, he is rated as quality. A good decision was made,” PM Kovachevski added.


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