This shows that M-NAV was not managed well, and the court should reconsider its decision, says Petrovska


Not a single institution of the state, especially not in the institutions that are part of the critical infrastructure in the state, and M-NAV is an institution in which specific and special tasks are performed and there needs attention and concentration in their tasks and competence, this type of incident is inadmissible. Such occurrences and behaviors of the employees and the reactions of the unions showed that that institution was not well managed and managed, stated the Macedonian Minister of Defense Slavjanka Petrovska, asked to comment on the latest developments in the M-NAV.

Petrovska added that she has told the PM there’s no compromise with the security of Macedonian skies.

“This especially goes for institutions that are part of the state’s critical infrastructure, such as M-NAV. All politically appointed officials, myself included, are here to guarantee that institutions are governed by professionalism,” said Petrovska.

The minister said she did not agree with the court’s decision to issue precautionary measures and not detention for those involved in the incident.

“I personally do not agree and I believe they should reassess the decision. I do not want to influence decisions from the post of Defense Minister, but I think this situation should be perceived a bit more seriously, considering national and international law” said the defense minister.


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