Government changes the Academy for Judges and Public Prosecutors Law to get 100 judges and prosecutors with a coalition agreement, accuses VMRO-DPMNE


Written exam for 100 preselected judges. Yesterday, the Ministry of Justice announced that they will change the law on the Academy of Judges by abusing the so-called EU flag fast-track procedure, in order to legitimize a written exam for the admission of 130 new judges and prosecutors. The excuse is due to unforeseen problems in the procurement of electronic software for taking the qualification test at the Academy of Judges. In Macedonia, there are at least 7-8 legal entities that have electronic software and equipped rooms for electronic taking of exams, including the Iustinianus Primus Law Faculty in Skopje, said VMRO-DPMNE MP and Executive Committee member Antonijo Miloshoski on Thursday.

“Unlike the electronic test, the handwritten test of the Academy means human influence, the possibility of manipulations and the awarding of maximum points to the government’s favorites for judges and prosecutors,” Miloshoski said in a Facebook post.


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