Tasevski: The mere fact that someone can enter M-NAV is a security breach, the puzzle starts to unravel


The end effect is that we as air traffic controllers have felt the degradation of the whole system over the years because people who were retiring who were professionals were not being succeeded by young people who were eager to work, we were simply getting people who were not interested in the conditions and did not they want to learn what they need to, said the president of the M-NAV union Aleksandar Tasevski in an interview with Alfa TV.

Tasevski added that ‘this cannot continue in this way because such an effect of disappointment among professionals leads to those professionals moving out of the country’.

“First of all, what we have been reacting to for years is revolting and it has been proven that the physical security in the flight system is at an unsatisfactory level. The mere fact that someone can enter the tower is a security breach. The event itself unravels the problem of seeing who was employed in those places,” Tasevski said.

The union head firmly says that the dismissal of the directors should be a reasonable move by the Government.

“In this case, we are going in the direction of the main culprits who led to this event and which one of the problems has been resolved. New managers have been appointed in the M-NAV,” concluded Tasevski.

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