VMRO-DPMNE to submit a petition to repeal the Law on Travel Documents on Monday


We will submit a petition on Monday to the Constitutional Court to repeal the law on travel documents – it is not possible to make a replacement until February. I urge the Ministry of Interior and the authorities to declare that 1,200,000 travel documents have been issued up to this point. And there are somewhere around a million and 300 thousand left that need to be replaced. Of those million and 300 thousand that are left only for painting per day, there are 4,000 requests and they are needed on occasion for at least a year. So it is impossible to achieve that in February, said VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski during his visit to Vevchani on Saturday.

Mickoski adds that even the information says that there are about 30,000 forms at the moment in the Ministry of Interior for the issuance of travel documents, ten thousand bilingual in the Albanian language. Which means that it is only enough to cover what has so far been received as a request to the Ministry of Interior.


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