Macedonians in Albania celebrate Orthodox New Year


In the spirit of Macedonian customs and tradition, Macedonians in Albania, especially in Mala Prespa, celebrate the feast of Saint Basil the Great, which marks the beginning of the New Year, according to the Julian calendar.

Along with the Macedonians in Leska was Vasil Sterjovski, leader of the only Macedonian party, Macedonian Alliance for European Integration – MAEI.

“We are continuing the tradition inherited from our grandfathers and great-grandfathers, both in Mala Prespa and in Golo Brdo, Vrbnik, where last night the Vasilica fires were on, wine and warm brandy were drunk, songs were sung and Macedonian dance was performed. On his own behalf and on behalf of the party, happy Orthodox New Year, with best wishes for health and life, peace and love, happiness, joy and well-being,” said Sterjovski.


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