Bigorski Monastery demands apology after Christ was mocked at the Vevchani carnival


The Bigorski Monastery demands a public apology from the organizers and participants of the Vevchani carnival for the obscenity and blasphemous mockery of our Lord, God and Savior Jesus Christ and the Holy Cross, as well as the prevention of similar events in the future.

“The reaction comes after the mask shown yesterday with the image of Jesus Christ, crucified on the holy cross made out of beer crates.  We remember that when in the past there was also playing with the feelings of believers from the Islamic faith, after which a kind of practice was established to avoid masks with contents that would cause offense to religious feelings,” reads the reaction of the monastery.

“Playing with and mocking the religious feelings of any religious denomination, according to the Bigorski brotherhood, is a crime for which one is punishable not only by God, but also by the state court,” adds the press release.

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