Millions of euros were pumped out with fictitious invoices, the PRO either knew and concealed or completely destroyed the system, accuses opposition


A system of companies for a long period drew money on the basis of VAT refund with fictitious invoices and damaged the Budget for millions of euros. In a large number of cases, the same people are from our neighboring countries and who are difficult to locate, VMRO-DPMNE MP Bojan Stojanoski told a press conference on Sunday.

“The budget has been damaged, and the state cannot recover the millions paid without criminal prosecution, because the companies that stamped the fictitious invoices and pumped money have no assets to collect the debt. The control mechanism system in the institutions is dysfunctional, and this is confirmed by the cases processed by the Prosecutor’s Office last year for fictitious invoicing and abuse of official position. We have witnessed that the state institutions in charge of controlling the same have not taken any measures,” said the opposition MP.



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