Miloshoski: Kovachevski pretends not to see that Grubi’s sister-in-law, Osmani’s sister are M-NAV employees, DUI is reduced only to PR


I am bothered by the selectivity of the prime minister, he sees with one eye what the president of the union is doing and finds family connections, that his father was in the Yugoslav aviation from the time, etc. And they pretend not to see that Artan Grubi’s sister-in-law, Bujar Osmani’s sister and two sons-in-law and one son of Ejup Alimi and Bekim Neziri are employed at M-NAV, said VMRO-DPMNE MP and EC member Antonio Miloshoski in an interview with Radio Leader on Monday.
Miloshoski added that the incident in M-NAV caused great damage to Macedonia’s reputation not only in the region but also beyond.
“There is a hypocrisy precisely among the ministers from DUI, let’s say Artan Grubi and Bujar Osmani, the sister of one, and the sister-in-law of the other, employees of M-NAV. I really wonder why these two ministers did not offer their loved ones to work in the electric car factory in Tetovo,” Miloshoski stressed.
The opposition MP pointed out that DUI has been reduced to a party that has a strong PR, and on the other hand has a weak implementation of projects. They are now promising a Tetovo – Prizren tunnel, but they can’t even build three kilometers from the Skopje – Blace highway, says Miloshoski.

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