Kovachevski is silent about DUI’s family employment at M-NAV and the sheriff-like behavior, he is afraid that he won’t get DUI’s support in the elections, says opposition


The families of DUI officials are the ones who occupied M-NAV for a salary of several thousand euros per month, while thousands of citizens, including Albanians, are leaving Macedonia due to the lack of perspective and the kidnapped state, said opposition VMRO-DPMNE.

“Dimitar Kovachevski once again confirmed that he is a guest in his own government. The scandal with M-NAV and the intrusion of Bekim Neziri’s group into the control facility, at a time when dozens of planes were flying over Macedonia, is for Kovachevski an ordinary “family quarrel”. For this Government of DUI and SDS, a physical confrontation in a control tower is a normal fight, and in any normal country it would be an act of violence equal to endangering air traffic,” said VMRO-DPMNE.

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