Patients can’t get an doctor’s appointment, and government officials are treated every day without scheduling for an appointment, accuses opposition


The VMRO-DPMNE Health Committee said via a Facebook post that patients respond that they cannot get an appointment for an examination and intervention at the surgical clinics, while government officials are treated every day in health facilities without even scheduling a doctor’s appointment.

“The reactions to the VMRO-DPMNE Health Committee specifically refer to the impossibility of providing surgical intervention, as well as an appointment for diagnostics for computed tomography and magnetic resonance, and there is a long wait for reading the results, which is key for further treatment. Even in 2024, the problem of not having transparent lists for interventions at surgical clinics remains, for which the waiting list can be several months, over a year or, according to the patients, they may not reach the necessary intervention at all,” said the opposition party’s health committee.

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