Popov: New party hires crowd public enterprises in the City, Arsovska releases illegal job ads


Yet another scandal by Danela Arsovska and PE Parks and Greenery headed by Sefi Shabani, says the opposition party on Tuesday. New party hires crowd public enterprises in the City. Arsovska publishes illegal job ads in order to satisfy the appetites of the DUI-SDS-Levica coalition, noted Sergej Popov, VMRO-DPMNE councilor of the Skopje City Council.

While the public enterprises in the City of Skopje are sinking into chaos and debt, Arsovska and her directors are acting arbitrarily by breaking decisions and laws. We are talking about two job advertisements in PE Parks and Greenery published on Tuesday in two printed daily newspapers. Without approval from the Council, this public city enterprise releases job ads for over 90 people,” said Popov.

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