Double elections will cost at least EUR 12 million, says SEC head


The double presidential and parliamentary elections will cost the country around 12 million euros with a tendency for this amount to increase to at least 15 million euros, as some unforeseen things may occur. Considering that it is a double election, it is not a lot of funds, taking into account that voting is also held abroad and more engagement is needed, the president of the State Election Commission (SEC) Aleksandar Dashtevski said in an interview with MIA.

“When the budget went to a Parliament vote, there were major cuts. I can’t tell you precisely. I hope that for some actions, if necessary, the Budget will be supplemented. I said about a billion MKD, now it is 600 million MKD, but most likely that number will increase. Now here it is very important whether the paid political campaign is considered. If we count it, then it increases the amount. And the diaspora attracts a lot of funds,” said Dashtevski.

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