High school pupils to attend classes until June10, elementary school until June 17, but the two non-working days for the elections will be compensated


With a new decision of the Ministry of Education and Science, which follows the request of the Union of Secondary School Pupils, the 2023/2024 school year for secondary school pupils will end on June 10 instead of June 17, as was previously foreseen by the teaching organization calendar.

For elementary school goers, the provision remains to attend classes until June 17, and both will have spring break from April 29 to May 6, 2024.

The Ministry of Education and Science will also have to make a decision on how the two non-working days for pupils will be compensated due to holding the elections on Wednesday, April 24, and Wednesday, May 8, and whether this will affect the deadline for the end of the school year. Education Minister Jeton Shaqiri said on Wednesday that when there’s a decision of the Government, the public will be notified.

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