Judicial Council terminates procedure on establishing liability of Besa Ademi


The Judicial Council decided Wednesday with seven ‘yes’ votes to terminate the procedure on establishing liability of Supreme Court President Besa Ademi.

Judicial Council members voted on the motion to establish Ademi’s liability due to her absence from Council sessions and her interview with claims of political pressure on Supreme Court judges.

Some members said the procedure should be terminated, considering all circumstances, including Ademi’s tasks as Supreme Court President, while others said she should be reprimanded over her improper conduct.

Even the previous Judicial Council president Sashko Georgiev said that the Constitution and the law state the obligations of the President of the Supreme Court as a member of the Judicial Council, but he respects the recommendations of the EU Evaluation Mission and is generally a forward-looking and positive person. Practically, he publicly accepted the indications of the Evaluation Mission that the President of the Supreme Court and the Minister of Justice do not have a place in this body, rendering pointless the debates as to whether she was absent from the sessions with justification or not.

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