Police Union: The Interior Ministry does not stop hiring party staff, there are about 1,000 of them in seven years


The process for complete partisanship does not stop in the Ministry of Interior, and is taking place rapidly even in the month of January 2024. Each day, 200 new job ads are released, reacted the Macedonian Police Union (MPU).

Namely, in the period from 2017 to November 2023 – during seven (7) years, instead of maintaining and implementing the professionalization of the Ministry of Interior – about 1000 advanced party-obedient management staff were installed, to which more party soldiers are added daily, and who are employed without appropriate qualifications and without a single day of work experience, recruited and promoted to high management positions in the Ministry of Interior. With this and the last accelerated pace in a new day “200 per day”, new job ads, in January 2024, with which Interior Minister Spasovski shows that he is not interested in the selection of successful professionals, but only wants to increase the number of the party of advanced party henchmen,” said the police union.

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