Danela Arsovska elected leader of Nova Alternativa


Skopje Mayor Danela Arsovska was unanimously elected on Wednesday as new leader of the political party Nova Alternativa (New Alternative).

“I am the most attacked person in Macedonia. All attacks on me and my associates are inspired by a lot of fear. If we are so insignificant, then why are we being attacked? But we have people that the citizens can trust. As a new force we have the power to influence and deliver what we promise. That’s why I invite all citizens to join,” said Arsovska at the election event.

Arsovska noted that the Nova Alternativa party will have four postulates on which it will be based – justice, freeing the economy from the constraints of big capital and introducing equal opportunities, fight against corruption and crime and full digitization of public administration. She announced that the party’s activities regarding the selection of its bodies and program will start next week.

She told reporters that the Nova Alternativa party will participate in the upcoming parliamentary elections, pointing out that all coalition options remain open.

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