Dashtevski: Double elections will be more difficult, but to be properly administered and democratic


State Election Commission (SEC) President Aleksandar Dashtevski says the upcoming presidential and parliamentary elections on April 24 and May 8 will be successfully administered and expects them to be democratic. The SEC chair says in an interview with MIA that the double elections will be more difficult but is certain in their successful implementation considering the experience of the SEC staff.

He notes that the election campaign will begin upon completion of the data check in the Electoral Register, but citizens can do this on their own as well.

“I urge citizens to report changes that took place in the meantime, for example, if a person has passed away. We have a website (www.sec.mk) where you can easily check if you are in the Electoral Register, check about a family member – maybe they have moved abroad, became an adult or for other reasons,” said Dashtevski.

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