Gorna and Dolna Banjica residents blocked the work of Bechtel-Enka


Residents of the villages of Gorna and Dolna Banjica on Thursday morning blocked the regional road that passes through their villages and did not miss the employees of the company Bechtel and Enka who work on the route of Corridor 8. The blockade of the road is a sign of revolt against the way expropriation is carried out.

The roadblock, as the residents said, comes from the ignorant attitude of the authorities and other institutions in addressing their demands. The participants of the protest pointed out that no one protected them and did not care about their interest during the expropriation process. The residents of Dolna and Gorna Banjica complained that they receive inadequate compensation of ten euros per square meter for the land that is being confiscated.

Abdulaqim Asipi, representative of the participants in the blockade, said that they did not receive any answers to the requests they sent to the authorities, nor were they called for a conversation. He clarified that part of the land is not bought for the needs of the road, but for the construction of camps for employees, which the state will later sell for the construction of gas stations and other commercial facilities.

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