Over 1.1 million ID cards and 1.2 million passports replaced so far


    So far, about 1,210,000 travel documents, more than 1,100,000 identity cards and about 540 thousand driver’s licenses have been changed. According to the Minister of Interior Oliver Spasovski, there is no problem whether to extend the deadline for issuing travel documents, if the Parliament so decides, and he emphasizes that the work is being done with increased dynamics and the process will continue like this after February 12. The process will continue after February 12.

    “We must not create an image in the public that after the 12th there will be no change of personal documents. The Government did not make a decision because the Law on ID cards has not been changed and it is in effect and from the very beginning until today it was clear that there will be no change to the identity documents. We have said several times that ID cards will be valid even after February 12, not because they are in domestic use, but because we did not change the Law on ID Cards, which leaves a deadline for the validity of ID cards,” said Spasovski.

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