Anti-discrimination commission expelled from its office after Government decision


After the Commission for Prevention and Protection against Discrimination (CPPD) defied the Government on several occasions, both in the case of the Bulgarian clubs and after the lawsuit to the Ministry of Education and Science regarding the lack of textbooks, it was thrown out of its offices by a government decision at the end of last year, without providing her with new premises for work.

“It was a shock for me. Today in the commission we have not received a notification certified by the Government, that it made such a decision at the 207th session on December 12 and immediately published it within the legal period in the Official Gazette, which means that this decision comes into force. What is unnatural is that the decision reads “a decision to terminate and grant the permanent use of immovable property to the Civil Aviation Agency”. To read in the first article that the premises of the Commission for Prevention and Protection against Discrimination, which we received for permanent use on April 6, 2021, following the decision of the Government, are taken away and given to the Civil Aviation Agency for permanent use without compensation, commented the member of the Commission for protection against discrimination,” said the CPPD head Vesna Bendevska.

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