The security agency that might be an accomplice to the assault of the control tower receives a new tender with M-NAV, says Stoilkovski


The violence at the M-NAV proves that SDS and DUI have not and will not deal with banditry.

The security agency that not only did not stop it, on the contrary, opened gates and doors from the cars of the attackers to the air traffic controllers, in the control tower while dozens of planes were overflying, in the same period, from the same directors, they received a new annual contract, pointed out VMRO-DPMNE spokesperson Naum Stoilkovski.

Instead of immediately after the incident in a strategic state facility, after such an attack, the contract with security is terminated, and a case is opened about the role of the security in the attack, the state has a new contract with the same company.

“The “2cc” company based in Kichevo is the first security company to receive a tender for M-NAV, and just a few days before the DUI banditry in the control tower, it has a new contract with the old, now replaced, directors,” said the opposition spokesperson.


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