With the Government’s help, the NGO of the Intelligence Agency director’s wife received a EUR 620,000 grant


While Erold Musliu is the director of the Intelligence Agency appointed by President Stevo Pendarovski, his wife received grants of hundreds of thousands of euros, VMRO-DPMNE official Dragan Kovachki pointed out at a press conference on Saturday and added that the finance minister’s wife was also involved in the scandal.

“Musliu’s wife through her non-governmental organization received a grant of 620,000 euros, for which the Government had to conclude a memorandum with the Consortium of non-governmental (organizations) founded by his wife’s non-governmental organization. Otherwise, Musliu’s wife could not have received the grant of 620,000 euros through the Consortium of NGOs. Namely, four non-governmental organizations with a memorandum formed a consortium to apply for a grant from a foreign donor in the field of security. Two non-governmental organizations are under the control of the wife of the director of the Intelligence Agency Erold Musliu, and the wife of the Deputy Prime Minister Fatmir Bytyqi,” said Kovachki.

The opposition official pointed out that the consortium formed in this way, which includes the two listed non-governmental organizations led by high government officials, receives a foreign grant worth EUR 620,000.

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