One victim and nine injured in a car accident involving a vehicle transporting illegal migrants


One person was killed and nine were injured in the traffic accident that happened on Friday evening on the Gevgelija-Bogdanci road, towards the border between Macedonia and Greece.

Four cars were involved in the traffic accident, and one of them was transporting migrants from Syria. The information from the Strumica police department states that in the accident, the driver of the Opel Corsa, 63-year-old B.J., died due to his injuries. His death was confirmed by a doctor from the Emergency Medical Service. The driver of the Mercedes, in which the migrants were transported, as well as the 63-year-old E.J., who was a passenger in the Opel Corsa vehicle, suffered serious injuries. In the hospital in Gevgelija, the Strumica police department adds, the seven migrants were diagnosed with physical injuries.

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