If VMRO-DPMNE does not support its own proposals for caretaker government, there is no reason for SDSM to vote for them either


If the opposition party does not vote for caretaker government and does not back its own proposals for caretaker government, then there is no reason for the SDSM MPs to vote for them either, say the ruling SDSM on Saturday.

“If the proposals from DPMNE do not deserve the support of the DPMNE MPs, there is no reason to demand it from the other MPs. In such a case, the positions in the DPMNE caretaker government should remain vacant, and the mandate holder should propose a government in which those positions will be unfilled,” said SDSM.

The ruling party claims that according to the law, the opposition party and all other political parties that have ministers in the caretaker government should give their candidates and vote for that government.

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