There’s sufficient time to complete formalities for Sunday’s caretaker government vote, says Kovachevski


Macedonian Prime Minister Dimitar Kovachevski said Monday the caretaker government is a legal requirement and ruling and opposition parties should nominate their candidates and support it in the Parliament, noting there is sufficient time for completion of the formalities until Sunday’s vote.

“I will not be a minister in the caretaker government but head the SDSM campaign for the coming elections. On the caretaker government, it is a legal requirement and all those involved in it – ruling and opposition political parties – should first nominate their candidates and support this government in the Parliament. There is sufficient time for completion of these formalities until Sunday’s vote, so that we get a caretaker government that will administer the elections,” Kovachevski told the media.

 According to the PM, everyone should abide by the law and democratic principles.

“You nominate ministers and you support those ministers. You cannot expect someone else to support them, there is no such example worldwide,” said the prime minister.

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