Skopje City Council fails to adopt decision on subsidizing bus transport


The Skopje City Council failed Monday to adopt the decision on subsidizing the public transportation enterprise Skopje (JSP Skopje) for 2024. Twenty-two out of 45 council members voted ‘yes’, while 13 abstained. The decision was supposed to ensure the payment of the December wages for the JSP employees, who have went on strike and put the city’s public transport on hold.

The decision to grant subsidies has not been made. With that, the agenda of the session is exhausted, said the president of the Council of the City of Skopje Trajko Slaveski.

This means that the protest of the employees of JSP Skopje will continue and the buses will not leave the company’s garages.

Such a decision provoked violent reactions among the JSP employees and members of the trade unions.

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