Petrushevski: Government is obstructing the election of a SEC member, so that the parties from the government coalition can get one more representative


The vacant seat in the State Election Commission (SEC) belongs to the opposition, we have our two, the third comes from the Albanian opposition. This problem arose with the entry of the Alliance for Albanians into the Government of SDSM when Krenar Lloga, who was a member of the SEC, became the Minister of Justice and that position became vacant, VMRO-DPMNE MP Brane Petrushevski pointed out during an interview with TV Telma.
Petrushevski added that the Government’s pressure for not electing a member of the SEC is that they want the Alliance for Albanians to take that spot again, even though it is a ruling party.
“The authorities want to deny the Albanian opposition the legal privileges and obligations that arise when they have a member of the SEC, which implies the composition of election boards, etc.,” said Petrushevski.

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