SDSM hangs its former state public prosecutor out to dry


The main political executor, the blind henchman and the most zealous protector of the Government’s crime in the past 6 years, LjubomirJoveski, has been hung out to dry by his party SDSM. After 2 and a half years and 25 continuations of the parent Commission in the Parliament, after flagrant violation and trampling of the Rules of Procedure, the Government is now giving up on Joveski, said the VMRO-DPMNE MP group on Wednesday.

“But let’s not be mistaken, SDSM didn’t turn into a good fairy overnight, yet SDSM is giving up on him just because they don’t need him anymore. He obviously completed the task for which they set him to do. He is no longer eligible to be a constitutional judge because he is no longer a public prosecutor and will not be able to hide their criminal cases and protect criminals in power. We, as MPs from the ranks of VMRO-DPMNE, have been saying for 6 years in all our public appearances and discussions in the Parliament that this man is the cancer of the Macedonian judiciary, during whose tenure the trust in the judiciary reached zero. His tenure was followed by many scandals, countless pending charges, hidden cases, ridiculous verdicts, acquittals of criminals and many more scandals and shameful decisions,” said the opposition party’s MP group.

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