It was SDSM who did not vote for caretaker government in 2016, and now they are asking if there is such an example, says opposition


Kovachevski persistently asks where in the world there is an example of a caretaker government not being supported by the opposition. In reality, there is no such criminal government anywhere in the world, but since the SDS leader is asking, it is worth answering. There is such a case, and it is precisely SDS, with the non-voting for a caretaker government in which SDS participated, noted VMRO-DPMNE MP and EC member Eli Panova at a press briefing on Wednesday.

There is no example anywhere in the world where the prime minister is a persom like Talat from DUI, but there is an example where the caretaker government was not supported by the opposition. It is SDS in 2016.

In 2016, the caretaker government was voted without the SDS MPs voting for it, then there were no statements that the vote was binding and that if they did not vote, the ministers should not be elected on their proposal, added the opposition MP.

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