Defendants in “Laskarci” case sentenced to total of 39 years in prison, 14 years prison for the “Durmo Tours” driver


Defendants in the case on the ‘Laskarci’ bus crash of 2019, in which 16 people were killed and more than 30 injured, were sentenced today before the Skopje-based Criminal Court and received a total of 39 years in prison.

The Criminal Court’s trial council declared guilty the defendant Durmish Beluli, owner of the company “Durmo Tours”, and sentenced him to four years in prison. The second accused Remzi Miftari, responsible for transportation at ‘Durmo Tours’, got six years in prison. In addition, defendants Igor Gjorgjievski, Goran Dukovski and Jane Bovarski, employees at the vehicle technical inspection station who are accused of complicity in the crime, received five years in prison each. The driver of the bus, Manoil Trifunovski, received the longest prison sentence of 14 years.

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