Belovski: Most media workers work for a below-average wage, and most of them have neither working hours nor insurance


The Union of Journalists and Media Workers of Macedonia, SSNM, recently conducted a survey on the socio-economic condition of journalists. The results were not a surprise to us because we live it, but now we can speak empirically and not with emotions. The data is still being sublimated, for now we only have the main insights. These will be the bases for our further demands, says the president of the Union of Journalists and Media Workers Pavle Belovski in an interview with TV 24’s “Studio 10” show.

“We had initial knowledge that there are fewer of us – 3,460 jobs, but there are also situations when journalists work more jobs. It is not good to have multitasking because it means working more and not being paid for it,” Belovski noted.

He says that 1072 journalists work in traditional media where things are somewhat regulated, 698 journalists are in the online space, and those who are behind the cameras are almost half of all, but their salaries are extremely low. Journalists are paid about 50% below the average wage.


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