Health Minister Mexhiti promises permanent employment for over 1,000 people


The application for 1117 permanent employments in the health facilities, whose initial goal was to obtain permanent employments for people who have been working for years with contracts at work, has been completed. Macedonian Health Minister Fatmir Mexhiti says that they are making every effort to make employment a reality before the elections are announced.

“Yesterday they announced to me that the total number of 1117 applications have been completed in public health institutions. Today, with unprecedented speed, we will receive the approvals from the Ministry of Finance, Information Society and the Health Insurance Fund. We are working hard and giving our utmost efforts to make it a reality before the elections are called. I will fight for this until the end,” said Minister Mexhiti on Thursday, after the opening of the Center for Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation at the Hematology Clinic.

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