Marichikj to replace Grubi as First Deputy PM in Xhaferi’s caretaker government


First Deputy Prime Minister Artan Grubi said Thursday that Deputy PM for European Affairs Bojan Marichikj will replace him in the post in the caretaker government.

A senior government official confirmed the information in a statement for Sloboden Pechat daily news outlet and according to the explanation, the rotation of Grubi and Marichikj in the first deputy prime minister post is that the first deputy of the prime minister should be from the opposite party in the government coalition.

Xhaferi, who is expected to resign as Parliament Speaker on Thursday, and then be nominated as prime minister of the caretaker government, is from the ranks of DUI, a party from which the current First Deputy Prime Minister Grubi also belongs. Accordingly, the first deputy prime minister should be from SDSM, that is, the current deputy Prime Minister for European affairs Bojan Marichikj will be proposed for that position.


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