Court orders detention for five arrested in the Grchec police raid


Judges of a preliminary procedure from the Basic Criminal Court, acting on the proposal of the Public Prosecutor’s Office, ordered 30 days of detention for the suspects.

The proposal of the PPO for organized crime and corruption was accepted and of: Sh.B., F.B., N.I., F.S., and S.A. determined a measure of detention for 30 days, while for O.P. accepted the proposal for the determination of precautionary measures, i.e. confiscation of a travel document and a ban on issuing a new one, a ban on leaving one’s residence, and an obligation to appear in court, read the press release of the Basic Criminal Court.

The court informs that the proposal to determine detention for 10 more people who were involved in the raid has been accepted, but it will become effective after they are found.

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