Seven years of Spasovski, seven years of crime, corruption and mafia state, says VMRO-DPMNE


Seven years of Oliver Spasovski, seven years of crime, corruption and mafia state. Seven years of unexplained murders, shootings in the center of Skopje and disturbed security. On the last day of his mandate, Spasovski did an action that he should have done seven years ago. For seven years, he allowed various gangs to run wild in the streets, VMRO-DPMNE stressed in a press release on Friday.

“From gun thefts from a police depot to bomb threats, nothing has been solved.

Hundreds of kilograms of marijuana have been stolen from factories, and the perpetrators are either unknown or unavailable to the police.

Instead of fighting crime, Spasovski fought with criminals for seven years.

The Ministry of Interior instead of serving the citizens has become an acute problem. From an effective service, Spasovski reduced the Ministry of Interior to not being able to regulate the extraction of personal documents, so people are waiting in lines in sub-zero temperatures.

Spasovski destroyed the security system. It has never been worse. It is important to defeat them,” the largest opposition party added.

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