Kovachevski: Citizens recognize the results of this government in times of greatest crises


The citizens know that we have successfully dealt with the energy crisis because we had no price shocks neither in fuel nor in electricity, the citizens clearly show in the polls that the government has introduced the correct methodology for salary growth and pension growth and in terms of supporting companies , said SDSM leader and Prime Minister Dimitar Kovachevski in an interview with Kanal 5 TV.

“The government worked in the conditions of the biggest global, economic, energy and security crisis, I would say in Europe after the Second World War, and we showed that we can deal with it. No one was left alone during that crisis. We have provided anti-crisis measures and packages of anti-crisis measures that are the highest in the region, we have provided assistance to all the most vulnerable categories of citizens, you see that there was not a single protest by farmers in the most crisis years,” Kovachevski said.

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